The 6 Best Sponsorship Types (+ Examples)

In this guide, we’ll explore different types of sponsorships and share real-world examples to highlight their efficacy. 

Let’s start by looking at the six best types of sponsorship:

The 6 Best Sponsorship Types 

Explode your sales and maximize ROI with these top six game-changing sponsorship strategies.

Newsletter Sponsorships

Leverage the power of direct communication with an engaged reader base. Newsletter sponsorships provide immediate access to audiences who are already interested, making it effective for quick promotions and timely announcements.

Placement Types:

Native: Direct ad placements. 

Deep Dive: A comprehensive look into a service or product. 

Link & Ad Spots: Spotlights your brand among others. 

Custom: Crafted to fit your needs.

Blog/Niche Websites Sponsorships

With targeted content and long-term relevance, these sponsorships can cement your brand’s authority and trust in the industry.

Placement Types:

Guest posts: Enables brands to share expertise. 

Reviews: Honest feedback about products. 

Podcast Sponsorships

Engage auditory learners and tap into the rising popularity of podcasts. This medium offers deep connections with listeners, allowing brands to narrate stories and form lasting impressions in a uniquely intimate space.

Placement Types:

Ad Slots: Catchy ads can become memorable. 

Special Series: Dive deep into topics. 

Social Media Sponsorships

From short, viral posts to longer, informative videos, social platforms offer diverse ways to capture attention and interact with vast audiences instantly.

Placement Types:

YouTube: High-engagement video content. 

Facebook Groups: Direct niche engagement. 

Events / Summits Sponsorships

By sponsoring events or summits, brands can demonstrate thought leadership, network with industry peers, and directly influence potential clients or partners.

Placement Types:

Exhibitor:  Set up a stand and promote your brand.

Speaker Panel: Brands can offer insights. 

Groups / Masterminds / Associations Sponsorships

By partnering with specific groups or associations, brands can tailor their message to resonate with a targeted, passionate audience, ensuring higher engagement and loyalty.

Placement Types:

Mastermind: Bring expertise to a focused group.

Associations: Wider reach, bigger impact. 

Sponsorship Types In Terms of ROI

Optimize your ad spend by choosing sponsorships tailored to deliver results, whether you’re aiming for quick wins or long-term growth

Short-Term ROI

These sponsorships are designed for immediate impact, capturing attention swiftly and translating to quick results.


Directly tapping into an established reader base, newsletters can offer predictable outcomes. Their frequent distribution allows brands to immediately gauge audience reception and adjust strategies on the fly, often seeing results within a week.

Social Media

With the real-time nature of platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, sponsored posts, stories, or lives can instantly reach vast audiences. This immediate reach can result in quick brand visibility and prompt reactions from followers.


By engaging in real-time with attendees, these platforms offer a direct pulse on audience interest. The immediate feedback and potential lead generation make events and summits perfect for short-term ROI endeavors.

Long-Term ROI

These sponsorships focus on building sustained relationships and gradual growth, often leading to a compounded impact over time.


Given the episodic and serial nature of podcasts, they help in building a prolonged engagement. Audiences often develop a connection with podcast hosts, making the brand endorsements more trustworthy and impactful over time.

Social Media (e.g., YouTube)

Platforms like YouTube offer evergreen content. Sponsored videos can continue to garner views and interest long after they are first published, leading to consistent and extended brand exposure.

Blogs/Niche Websites

Content here remains relevant for long durations, often becoming a go-to resource. This evergreen nature ensures a steady flow of traffic, making them ideal for long-term brand visibility and engagement.

Events/Summits (Long Term)

Some events, especially those with legacy or annual editions, create long-lasting memories and associations. The resonance of such events extends beyond their immediate timeframe, ensuring prolonged brand recall and benefits.

Groups / Masterminds / Associations

Aligning with specific interest groups or associations creates a deep-rooted bond. This bond often translates into prolonged brand loyalty and engagement, as these groups cater to specific, often passionate, niches.

Sponsorship Examples by Type

Going through real-world examples of each sponsorship type so you can see how simply they are executed and how effective they can be.

Newsletter Sponsorship Examples


As you can see, it’s almost hard to tell you’re reading an ad as it’s strategically placed within the email.


This falls at the bottom of the newsletter and you can see your ad incorporated like this.

Direct Links

You can sponsor to be featured in those links in blue and get email readers to click directly over to your site.


This is an exclusive email ad, no message, just straight promotion.

Deep Dive

This is a deep-dive sponsorship. The newsletter goes deep into a story/topic/case study provided by and/or promoting you.

Blog Sponsorship Examples

Guest Posts

As you can see at the bottom it says “Written by…” on our website. The author is guest posting. In doing so they are providing value to our readers and tapping into free exposure for themselves.

Review Posts

Abdullah from paid to publish a review about his ex-content writing agency. 

Top 10 

Abdullah from paid to feature his content writing agency in this list.

Podcast Sponsorship Examples


Remember this iconic moment? The ‘Mail…kimp?’ ad from the ‘Serial’ podcast became an instant sensation. Every episode began with a 20-second shoutout to email vendor MailChimp. With ‘Serial’ being downloaded and streamed over 5 million times, this ad surely left an imprint on many listeners’ minds. 


This is a mid-show ad slot in a podcast called The Blue Tick Show

Social Media Sponsorship Examples


This is a YouTube video sponsorship promoting a content writing agency.

Facebook Groups

This is a FB group sponsorship promoting a content writing agency.

Events/Summits Sponsorship Examples

Abdullah paid £3,000 to sponsor this event which got him
an exhibition stand and onto the speaker panel.

Speaker Panel

Abdullah paid £3,000 to sponsor this event which got him
an exhibition stand and onto the speaker panel.

Group / Associations Sponsorship Examples


These are sponsored events on

More Association Sponsorship Examples

Team Rubicon & Mountain Dew

Team Rubicon, a nonprofit that mobilizes veterans for disaster response, partnered with Mountain Dew. The beverage company initiated the partnership with a $1 million donation and further collaborated by involving celebrity influencer, race car driver Dale Earnhardt Jr., to rally their consumer base, “DEW® Nation”, to support Team Rubicon’s mission.

The collaboration allowed consumers to donate to Team Rubicon and receive limited-edition MTN DEW® x Team Rubicon products.

The Trevor Project & Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch collaborated with The Trevor Project during Pride by donating $200,000 and designing a limited-edition, gender-neutral clothing line supporting both Pride and The Trevor Project.

The collaboration not only raised funds but also increased brand awareness for both entities.

Heifer International & Grass Roots Farmers’ Cooperative

Heifer International, a global nonprofit working to end hunger, partnered with Grass Roots Farmers’ Cooperative to connect small-scale farmers to markets. Through the partnership, farmers received buying and price guarantees, business support, and qualified for loans.

The collaboration directly benefited the farmers, helping them access markets and grow their businesses. These examples showcase the diverse ways in which organizations can collaborate to achieve mutual goals, raise awareness, and generate funds.


Masterminds are typically private and only accessible by paid members. An image example won’t cut it here.

For this, I have an interesting share with you!

In 2019, I reached out to the owner of one of the biggest funnel builder platforms in Europe. I had an offer that I believed would beautifully complement the new features he was rolling out for his software.

Upon seeing my offer, my assumption was right. 

But he was not ready to reveal it to his main audience of 50,000+ monthly customers. Instead, he sent out an email to his private mastermind saying he’s holding a call in 48 hours with a special guest. 

Basically be there or be square.

Over 500 people registered for the call. Around 150 showed up. 

And we did $26,000 live on the call and over $20,000 the following few days. In this case, I did not pay him up front to sponsor this call.

Instead, we split the sales commissions 50/50. So that was a nice $23k+ payday for each of us in a matter of days.

Masterminds are some of the best places you can present your offer (provided they’re a good fit). You’re presenting your offer to people that already trust the owner of the mastermind and are actively paying him which means it can’t get any hotter than this!

Wrapping Up

We’ve broken down the different sponsorship types and how each can boost your brand. Whether it’s quick results from newsletters or lasting connections through events, the right choice depends on your goals.

But you don’t have to do it alone. If you’re keen on getting the most out of sponsorships without the stress, reach out to us at We can find the best opportunities for you and handle the entire campaign. Let’s team up and make your brand shine.


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