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Why Sponsorships
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Consumption of media is changing. Instead of relying on AI algorithms recommending content to us, more and more are moving towards curating their own media in the form of blogs, podcasts, newsletters, and niche websites. As advertisers that means traditional paid ads will no longer be the best solution for reaching their ideal customers.

Further, as skepticism in the market continues to rise, targeting cold audiences will become less profitable. But when leveraging sponsorships, you can target warm audiences and build trust faster.

Why We’re Building

For nearly a century, only big corporations and brands have been able to use sponsorships. Their million-dollar budgets allow them to go in the red for months before seeing a return. But if you run an online business you likely can’t.

Instead, you need to spend your marketing dollars and know it’ll come back within the week, preferably the next day. After spending years working on a solution, we’ve now profitably spent millions in Sponsorships advertising. This is the future of marketing.

And that’s why we’re building To be the premier place for influencers, creators, entrepreneurs and businesses together to provide education, tools and community needed to leverage this powerful media.

What’s Inside

Sponsorships Workshop


2-hour workshop led by Scott Oldford, CEO of The Wisdom Group breaking down his entire sponsorships strategy that has led to millions in revenue, scaling new brands and building effective revenue streams.

Sponsorships Intensive


6-month intensive designed to help entrepreneurs through the process of preparing, creating and launching a robust sponsorships strategy in their business.

Sponsorships Guide


A 23-page step-by-step guide on how to leverage sponsorships in your business, the perfect funnel structure to maximize ROI, and biggest pitfalls to avoid.

Sponsorships Agency


Want us to set up and run your entire sponsorships strategy? We’re building a world-class team that will help you scale.

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Sponsor This Newsletter

Finding sponsorship opportunities is complicated, especially if you’re new. Our goal is to solve that problem once and for all.

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About brings together influencers, creators, entrepreneurs and businesses to provide them with education, tools and community to leverage one of the most powerful forms of media today.

We are on the cusp of a big wave of change in the online space… 

Algorithms and pixels that used to work well, sending good relevant and interesting content is over.

Which means people are starting to be more intentional with how they curate and consume their content.

This change is moving away from AI recommendations to what we call “Owned Media” channels.

Things like niche websites, podcasts, newsletters, blogs, Facebook Groups and so on.

Which means as a marketer and advertiser this is where your audience is.

And the only way to reliably access them in 2023 and beyond is through Sponsorships.

At you can learn how to leverage this effective strategy to take back control of your lead and sales flow… and continue to scale your business.