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Which is really just a large pool of people with shared interest.

This was my “eureka” moment, because I realized any “owned audience” could be used for sponsorships.

And there’s an almost unlimited supply of audiences SOMEONE ELSE has already built…

…and they’re desperate for good products to share with their tribe.

Which means if I could put my products, services, or message in front of these people…

…I’d have a chance to grab that attention, monetize it, and grow my business.

Without worrying about getting “banned”, constantly testing new ads, and even if ad costs go up.

Who is Scott?


After nearly 20 years of entrepreneurship, I've experienced a lot of high's and low's. 

I’ve scaled over a dozen of my own businesses past 7-figures. I’ve helped thousands of Entrepreneurs do the same and my work has been viewed by over 10 million Entrepreneurs worldwide. 

Today, I helped Entrepreneurs scale their business in way that brings harmony, freedom & fun. I'm excited to help you. 


For the first time ever, I’m going to show you how I’ve used sponsorships to reach untapped audiences and pull in multiple millions in revenue cheaper and more reliably than any other traffic source. I’m going to peel back the curtain, show you the strategy and give you a plan you can implement…

For Online Business Owners Who Sell Coaching, Mentorship, Consulting, Courses, Information or Transformation.

Which right now, is just $197.

So, I want to get you in on the Workshop...

Lifetime access to all content, training and resources. We'll walk you through implementing the 4 Phases of the R.O.I. Method: in your business.
I.  Bulletproof Business Foundations
II. Mastering High-Ticket Sales and Marketing
III. The Relevancy Funnel
IV. Becoming Omnipresent

Complete with templates, resources and support.

    The Complete R.O.I. Method Curriculum     

Sponsorships Workshop

Personalized Assessment

At the end of the workshop, I will tell you exactly what you should do next and what makes the most sense based on where you are in your business.

All of this, for just $95. 

Plus, I'm going to really help you implement by giving you...


For Online Business owners who sell Coaching, Consulting, Courses or Information.

Understand how to scale your business with one of the most powerful marketing and sale methodologies on the planet

7 Q&A Sessions

Allowing you to get your questions answered by me no matter how big or small the question may be giving you clarity for what you need to do next.


You'll get access to our exclusive Community for just those who sign up for this 5-Day Workshop. You'll get to both connect with others, ask questions, along with other bonus content from me.

You might have noticed the experts who used to be all over your newsfeed, pumping out ad after ad…

…don’t show up anymore.

And these days I see new Entrepreneurs popping up, testing new ads and new angles for a few weeks… and then they’re gone.

This tells me one thing and one thing only: what they’re doing isn’t working.

I predicted this back in 2016.

That the rise in marketing costs (specifically with paid ads) would make reaching your audiences harder and harder…

And the diminishing returns of your advertising dollars, where the days of putting in $1 and getting back $2 may not be a reality anymore.

I don’t see this improving–in fact I think it’s just going to get worse.

Which means if you’re currently reliant on high competition traffic sources like Facebook or Google, that’s a big risk.

Advertising is getting much more difficult

I want to help you create a new revenue stream through Sponsorships…

So you have a consistent, reliable lead generation source, month after month, year after year, with minimal risk…

I’ve developed the frameworks, methods and know-how from doing it myself since 2015 and for hundreds of Entrepreneurs… and I’m really excited to share all of it with you.

Sponsorships Is The Most Effective Marketing System For Generating Consistent And Predictable Leads

It was with an email newsletter to get in front of 80,000 of my ideal customers…

And in the very first email I gained 1,100 leads… and it cost me 25x LESS than Facebook Ads.

I was hooked!

This led me to going “all in” on sponsorships…

And since then I’ve continued to refine my process to finding the very best opportunities, negotiating win-win deals, dialling in the ad copy, and much more…

It’s my secret weapon to scaling businesses fast and efficiently whenever I work with Entrepreneurs or in the companies I own, invest or advise.

While I still believe in paid ads (and spend a lot on it), along with all other forms of marketing… if there’s a single traffic source I’m going “all in” on in 2023… it’s sponsorships.

…and crazy thing is… no one’s talking about it! 

My very first sponsorship deal netted me 1,100 leads and 5X’d my investment…

 Hire expensive media buyers and copywriters

❌ Constantly produce new ads, test creatives

❌ Wait for Facebook to “Approve” ads

❌ Risk getting “banned”

❌ Worry and stress over your metrics

❌ Burn through ad spend, hoping something will work

❌ Lack of predictable and reliable lead gen source

Old Way
Without Sponsorships

That you have intimate knowledge and understanding of one of the most effective and reliable marketing methods you can use today and for years to come: Sponsorships.

That you know how to make it work. Because sponsorships aren’t like Facebook or Google ads. There are a few critical moving pieces and if you get them wrong, it won’t work. But follow my process and you’ll avoid all the common mistakes.


That you walk away with an action plan and strategy that you can implement and bring in new revenue right after. 

In less than 120 minutes 
here are the three intentions 
I have for you 
and your business.

I’ve developed this to create a level of understanding, direction, clarity and certainty for your business you might not have had before.

✅ Use our unique process to source sponsorship deals without having to hire anyone specialized.
✅ Produce a few creative types that don’t fatigue

✅ Negotiate high ROI deals that allow you borrow authority.

✅ Zero chance of being banned, simply the ability to build great highly profitable relationships.

✅  Send short ad copy to partner

✅  Grow your list, audience and offers.

✅  Predictable, reliable, profitable lead gen source

New Way
With Sponsorships

Now I’m not against paid ads - I’m still running ads myself…

But I’ve yet to find a more effective traffic source for getting in front of your exact audience to create awareness, leads and sales.

Once it’s set up, it can work without you…

And when leveraged to its full capacity across email lists, podcasts, Facebook groups, YouTube channels and more…

Everything compounds on top of itself creating a powerful ecosystem driving you leads and sales every single day on auto-pilot.

And while I can't say I've cracked some imaginary "code".

I know what works. I know what doesn't.

I've been able to experience the freedom & harmony that comes from having a business that allows me to live my life, the way I do...

And I'm excited to help you on one of the major pillars required for a successful business.

I want to help you scale your business, and build a beautifully aligned, enjoyable life.
I've helped 100's of business scale past 7+ figures...

This is one of the
I've ever given away for $197.

And I’m making it accessible to anyone whether you’re doing
$10k/mo or $500k/mo

Join For Just $197Join For Just $197

Here's just some of what I'm going to be showing you:

 The most optimal way to structure sponsorships in your business and what type of sponsorships make the most sense, so you can quickly install this new revenue stream and get up and running.

 How to modify your funnels to maximize sponsorship traffic, nurture new leads and convert them into buyers – so you can increase your Return On Investment.

 My entire system to track and analyze sponsorships, both on a short-term and long term basis, so you can cut the losses and scale up the winners.

 The importance of intention vs. attention and how to utilize highly segmented audiences and traffic so you know exactly how do leverage this completely different traffic source.

 How to automate sponsorships without hiring qualified, pre-trained talent.

 Where to find the best opportunities to use sponsorships that create massive leverage, so you can generate more leads and more revenue with least effort.

 How to negotiate sponsorship deals (so you can ensure you are creating the highest point of return possible)

 A look into how I write sponsorship ads, the funnels and more, so you can build your own high-converting sponsorship funnel.

Reasons why I dig sponsorships…

There are so many reasons why but here are just a few…

You know exactly what the audience likes (and have bought before) simply because the audience-owner has all the vital intel…

…and that increases the chances of creating a winning offer.

It’s almost impossible to get “banned” because those audiences aren’t regulated by a trigger happy bot.

The audience has opted in (or many times bought) from the audience already – so there’s Recency, Frequency and Monetization – RFM being the most important metrics for a good list.

You know exactly how many eyeballs you’re getting – because the open rates and click data is already there.

You get direct access to a warm or even hot audience for a fraction of the cost.

And some of you may be thinking what’s the different between this and doing an affiliate deal…

I’ll show you why sponsorships beat any affiliate deal and are so much more lucrative if you do it this way.

For Online Business owners who sell Coaching, Consulting, Courses or Information.

Understand how to scale your business with one of the most effective marketing methodologies I’ve ever used.


When does it start?
The Sponsorships Workshop starts on May 31st 2pm Pacific and will run for approximately 2 hours with 30 mins Q's.

What’s included?
When you grab a ticket to the workshop you get access to the 2-hour workshop with 30 mins Q's at the end + the full recording as soon as its cleaned up + access to the community. In the workshop I’ll be sharing all my strategies and frameworks for setting up a sponsorships revenue stream in your business.

Everything I’ve used to build a slick, well-oiled machine that’s sending me leads, sales and building my community every single day.

What are sponsorships?
A sponsorship deal is when you negotiate with another company – typically one that owns a distribution source. Such as an email list, podcast, Youtube Show, Facebook group etc and pay them a set fee to promote your products or services.

There are a lot of moving parts but I’ve spent years refining the process so that we almost never have a failed campaign. I’m going to show you how I do this and why sponsorships are better than any affiliate or partnership type deal.

How much is it?
This is knowledge and experience I’ve secretly used for over 7 years now and done many millions myself. Plus many more for my students, and businesses I’ve partnered in. I’ve never shared this before. But right now you can get access to the live workshop and learn my strategies for just a one-time payment of $197.

Is there a refund?
Yes, if you attend and don’t think it’s a good fit for you, you can get a refund within 30 days.




Join For Just $197

That's why I believe sponsorships are going to be the next big thing.

For Entrepreneurs who are ready to use an untapped, easily scalable and massively high R.O.I lead and sales source...


Wanting to understand what sponsorships are and how to use them? Watch this mini-training from Business Advisor Scott Oldford.


Join For Just $197

“Isn’t Sponsorships for big brands…?

I can see what you mean and that’s what I thought too. 

Anytime the word sponsorships is tossed around, we normally think…

1) It costs a lot of money

2) Only big brands can afford to sponsor events, perhaps like the Superbowl, NFL games, or your local city conventions.

But what if I told you anyone can get into sponsorships… whether you’re doing 10k per month or 500k+ per month… and do it affordably… without breaking the bank?

See, if you boil down what an event is to its base component, what do you get? 

An audience!

Here’s How It Works…

Step 1

High Value Sponsorship Partners

High ROI 

Step 2

Place Ad

Step 3

Profit Big

Step 4